Exposing Heart


This tree seems to be exposing its heart on the outside. You can almost see the veins pumping the life flowing blood to the heart.

This tree also has long strong roots that holds it in place. These roots reaches deep and far to drink of the water that sustain its life.

As I look at the heart, I am reminded of mine own heart. Do I wear it on the outside, leaving it exposed? Are there blockage that keeps my heart from pumping. Are my roots drinking up the life supporting water that flows to my heart?

When I depend on Jesus, I am sustained by the power of His blood. His heart was exposed for me. He gave His all, so that I can stand strong. Jesus’ heart pumps life flowing blood to my life. Without it I would wither away.

Today I give thanks to Jesus for my life. Today, I willingly give my exposed heart to His will in my life.

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