Coming in Peace, 2017


In this brief, poignant post, Tracy Cochran of Parabola magazine reminds us of a profoundly simple yet overlooked soul-soother that anyone can practice and share: forgiveness. This year, why not take one small step toward self-compassion and taste the peace that comes with self-acceptance. Say, “Forgiven.” To yourself, then others. “To ask for and offer forgiveness is to put down arms, daring to show ourselves as we are without defenses. In 2017 may we all dare to put down our guns–to take off all our armor, even the subtle forms. May we all sail into the New Year disarmed, daring to stretch out the arms and hands of love to the unknown.” If we make small shifts from within, the world will feel it from without. For more inspiration, read the full post on love, peace, and forgiveness.

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