New Mariner Statue Unveiled in Joppatowne’s Mariner Point Park





Visit Mariner Point Park in Joppatowne and say “ahoy” to the handsome new mariner statue unveiled on November 2 by Harford County Executive Barry Glassman and members of his administration. The eight-foot mariner sporting a bright yellow raincoat was carved from a single piece of white pine from Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Artist Paul Waclo, who was on hand for the unveiling, used chainsaws and woodcarving tools to create the statue finished with high grade exterior paint to help ensure a long life. The mariner was funded by the Glassman administration with revenue from the county’s hotel/lodging fee to promote tourism. Joppatowne’s newest attraction replaces a former statue that had been damaged beyond repair by natural elements.


Community members gathered Wednesday for the unveiling of the figure that many likened to the author Ernest Hemingway. The new statue sits atop the former statue’s base plate and a planting bed so that altogether it stands an impressive 12 feet tall.


County Executive Glassman gave a brief history of the original statue built in 2002, which depicted a mariner leaning on an anchor. That statue was destroyed later in the year by a driver who claimed the mariner had jumped in front of his car. Although the statue was quickly rebuilt and refurbished over the years, termites and water damage finally took their toll. The damage was exacerbated by the former statue’s leaning posture, which exposed more joints to the elements.


Joppa community members, who had mourned the loss of their beloved mariner, were delighted with the new addition. “This is thrilling for Joppa, it’s like Joppa of years ago,” said Paula Mullis, chair of the Joppa/Joppatowne Community Advisory Board. “This means a lot to the Joppa community.”


The new Joppatowne mariner will greet thousands of visitors each year to Mariner Point Park, a Harford County Parks & Rec facility. This 37.7-acre waterfront park features a boat launch into the Gunpowder River, bike and walking trails, picnic areas and more. Located on a peninsula between Taylors and Foster Branch creeks, the park consists of both undeveloped woodland and areas developed for passive activities.


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