How Women-Led Movements Are Redefining Power


Across the globe, a revolution is quietly occurring. Women’s groups, networks, and individuals are fighting battles fiercely and valiantly, often in the face of discouragement and discrimination. While they might not always make the front page of the news, they are not going away, and their strength is growing. Dayamani Barla is a tribal journalist from Jharkhand, India, who led a movement to stop the world’s largest steel company from displacing thousands of indigenous farming communities. Eriel Deranger has emerged as a powerful voice in Alberta, Canada, against tar sands, the world’s largest industrial project. They and others like them, are agents of progress and ushers of peace. Proving that peaceful does not mean weak, and protest does not mean war. From championing human rights to protecting our planet, their big-picture goals are meaningful and truly matter. Here are some of their stories.

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