Harford County Employees Recognized for Acts of Kindness



Pictured from left: Harford County Director of Administration Billy Boniface, Kristy Heim, Dan Funk, County Executive Barry Glassman
Pictured from left: Harford County Director of Administration Billy Boniface, Kristy Heim, Dan Funk, County Executive Barry Glassman


County Executive Barry Glassman is proud to recognize Harford County government employees Dan Funk and Kristy Heim, who recently went above and beyond their job responsibilities to improve the lives of others.


Dan Funk – Re-entry Coordinator, Community Services


One morning on his way to work, Dan spotted a homeless man sitting outside of a local convenience store and approached the gentleman to see if he needed help. Upon learning that the man was also a veteran, Dan tapped into his work experience connecting citizens in need with resources in the community. He made calls to assist the man with much needed housing, medical care, and mental health services. Dan also contacted a resource for veterans, known as MVET, and bought the gentleman food and something to drink. Dan then waited with the man for the MVET team to arrive, lending support and encouraging him to follow through on receiving services. Dan’s compassion and his professional expertise helped change the life of a local veteran who had served our country and then needed our support. If Dan had not taken the time to ask, assist, and follow through, this gentleman surely would have spent another night homeless.


Kristy “Krit” Heim – Administrative Assistant II, Community Services
This year, the Harford County Department of Community Services organized a back-to-school event at The EPICENTER at Edgewood, including free haircuts to help students head back to school “in style.” With over 200 attendees, the event was very successful. But one mother grew anxious waiting in line for her two boys to get their haircuts; she worried that they would not have time to catch the last Harford Transit bus home. Without hesitation, Krit volunteered to drive them home in her car on her own time. Krit’s kindness brought the single mother close to tears. During the ride, Krit learned that the three were living in a SARC safe house and had come to live in Harford County with nothing. The next day, Krit organized a donation drive among her co-workers. By the end of the week, she delivered more than $200 in gift cards to SARC and a boost of confidence for the children they serve to start their new school year.”


On October 31, Dan Funk and Kristy Heim each received a Harford County ALL-STAR employee award given to employees who exemplify the core values of the Glassman administration. Recognizing these valued county employees, County Executive Glassman said, “I would like to thank Dan and Krit for their acts of kindness which inspire us all to care for our neighbors in their hour of need.”

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