Go Green and Save Green with a High-Efficiency Water Heater


Go Green and Save Green with a High-Efficiency Water Heater (364)

(NewsUSA) – As energy costs rise, the “green” movement and conservation efforts have become popular topics. Energy-saving recommendations appear daily in the media, and consumers are being offered subsidies or state and federal tax credits to encourage the purchase of more efficient appliances. However, many homeowners fail to consider their water heater when it comes to going “green.”

Although today’s water heaters are expected to operate for an average of 13 years, the U.S. Department of Energy recommends shopping for a new water heater if your current unit is more than seven years old. This allows an adequate amount of time for homeowners to research and select a water heater that best meets their needs instead of waiting until their heater breaks down and selecting the cheapest quick fix for cold showers.

Consumers are increasingly turning to high-efficiency water heaters when replacing older units or during remodeling and building projects. While these models may cost more initially, savings in water and energy usage continue throughout the lifetime of the appliance, offsetting the price difference. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that these units use 10 to 50 percent less energy, benefits to both your budget and the environment.

A recent study by the Gas Technology Institute simulated the residential performance of high-efficiency water heaters and conventional units. The Vertex from A. O. Smith, a hybrid, gas-condensing, residential unit incorporating tank-type and tankless technology, provided the best overall performance at average and high-volume hot water usage, which is the consumption of 64-gallons or more per day of hot water.

Endorsed by long-time environmental champion Ed Begley Jr. of the HGTV series “Living With Ed,” the Vertex provides sufficient quantities of hot water for shower after shower and operates at 90 percent thermal efficiency. Additionally, it is designed to meet the demands that modern lifestyles require.

“Using more efficient combustion to produce hot water at lower operating costs and 90 percent thermal efficiency, the Vertex is a good choice for customers who want to save energy without skimping on hot water,” said David Chisolm, A. O. Smith Water Heater brand manager.

For more information on the A. O. Smith Vertex model, visit hotwater.com/resources/energy-star-qualified-products/.

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