Teen Creates App So Bullied Kids Never Have to Eat Alone


It’s the stuff of school nightmares: You walk into the lunchroom, and can’t find a place to eat. You go from table to table, only to be told you can’t sit there. You feel like everyone’s looking at you, and your face flushes. This was the lunchroom scene not once but many times for Natalie Hampton in her old school. It felt lonely, embarrassing, and so awful that Hampton had to leave. While it doesn’t happen in her new school, Hampton wanted to prevent other kids from ever having to experience it. Her solution? “Sit With Us,” an app that helps kids find a friendly spot to sit. Willing kids volunteer to let app-users sit at their table. Those wishing to find a seat can do so confidentially. Thanks to kindness and a clever use of technology, eating alone at lunch can be a thing of the past.

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