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Helping Businesses Grow


Local Businesses in Harford County Can Now Have Sponsored Articles to Help Drive Their Business


It seems that some local businesses have a hard time growing in Harford County. Sometimes it could be because of their location, overhead costs, and hours of operation or the way they market or don’t market their business. No matter where your business is located, you need to get people there. If you have high overhead costs, you need to look at all of your expenses and make adjustments. If you’re only open on weekends, evenings, etc., you need to let the public know by other means than just your website or social media pages. And if you have a marketing budget, look at the advertising part of it and make sure you’re getting a return on your investment.


Advertising should not be an expense, it should be a profit. I always hear Business Owners mention that they don’t have money in their advertising budget, and that’s not a good sign of a growing business. A budget is the amount of money available for spending, so when you decide on your marketing budget and let’s just say you set $5,000 a year to the side for advertising, than if you’re spending those dollars correctly, that $5,000 you have set for advertising should continuously grow, therefore, you’ll always have $5,000 and more for advertising.


As you may or may not know, Harford County Living is one of the most productive websites and media resources in Harford County. Our Clients do get a return on their investment when they advertise with us, and we want to keep it that way. Our rates are lower than local magazines, newspapers and radio stations, and we reach more people than most of them. And in order to help local businesses grow even more, we’ve launched new source for businesses.


Now businesses and submit a sponsored article about their business or product for a very low investment of $50 a post. This article may also include a video or sound byte as well as images. Of course there will be links to direct people to your website and we will also share it on our Social Media pages. If you already write a blog post on your website, that’s great, now you can also post it on Harford County Living and reach even more people. Here’s an example of one from Four Seasons Nursery & Landscape Services. To find out more, click here.

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