The Art of Making the Mundane Magical


“In 5th grade I had a very difficult year. Many things happened, and they kind of happened all at once. My mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. And my beloved 5th grade teacher had passed away unexpectedly I felt like I had lost a group of friends I was with. All these different events happened and it was the first time I felt really alone in the world. It was a really difficult time but I realized there was something inside me that knew I was going to be okay, and that was a gift.” Anne Veh is one of those rare beings who has made it a practice to find the magic in the ordinary. She juggles diverse roles in her life as a mother, art curator, first-time filmmaker, and more. Along the way she bakes brownies for friends and strangers alike, hosts Kindness circles at local schools, befriends backyard hawks, and approaches the challenging moments in life with optimism, integrity, and honesty. This interview shares more from her journey.

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