Free Tea and Company: Ten Years And Counting


For Guisepi Spadafora, offering people free tea has been at the center of a decade-long journey that has changed both his life and the lives of others. In his early twenties, Guisepi wanted to meet interesting and genuine people, but he wasnât finding them in the usual places. He decided to go somewhere unusual instead and parked himself on Hollywood Boulevard. Using a camp stove beside his truck to make food and tea, curious people would come over, and Guisepi would invite them to join him and share whatever he had. People would delight in the kind offer, and stay to chat. What followed were scores of meaningful interactions with an eclectic group of people, who felt a sense of community and trust. They encouraged Guisepi to continue sharing, which he did, traveling to different locations in what he calls his âtea busâ. This year, Guisepi is celebrating a decade of sharing tea and company. Here is his full story, told by the tea man himself.

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