Rising to the Occasion: Unleashing Our True Potential


“I remember a dream of long ago — we all have this kind of dream, I think — in which I came onto the stage to play a solo organ recital. The audience applauded and quieted down, I took my seat on the organ bench, placed the music just so, my fingers on the keyboard, and then realized I’d never played the organ before. I was a flute player, for God’s sake! I had no ideas what to do next, but it was too late, I had to play. So I did.” In this inspiring piece, Carolyn North explores what happens when we are unexpectedly called on to ‘rise to the occasion’. Drawing from personal experiences — including being called on as midwife to take charge of a complicated delivery in a remote village in India –she reminds us of what is within each one of us to do. And how imperative it is that we do it.

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