Allow Breathe Curious: A Coloring Book for Mindfulness


“Allow Breathe Curious” is a unique collaboration that emerged from one mother’s budding interest in mindfulness and her daughter’s deep-seated conviction that art can be an instrument of positive change. A series of sleepless nights prompted Anne to develop a list of words to foster mindfulness. Starting with ‘Allow’ the list grew over time to include all of the letters of the alphabet. When her daughter Ellie, a talented artist, got wind of the list, it sparked a series of vivid images. Combining their gifts, the duo set to work creating a one-of-a-kind book of postcards-to-color in. Each card bears a word relating to mindfulness, a brief elaboration and an accompanying line drawing for readers to fill in. What follows is a selection of the cards for readers to reflect on, download, and enjoy!

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