Harford County Living Is Going Nuts!

Relax and let Harford County Living work for you
Relax and let Harford County Living work for you.


We aren’t nuts, we just want to help.


For over three years now, Harford County Living has been helping local businesses grow with its affordable and effective advertising. Now we’re taking it one step further. It’s time to help not just businesses, but everyone that works in Harford County!

We see other local advertising sources charging hundreds of dollars a month, or more, for businesses to advertise in their publication and/or on their website. The sad part is, several of these businesses that are advertising with them aren’t seeing an investment from it. When a business advertises, it should be an investment, not an expense. Harfordcountyliving.com reaches more people than most local publications and websites, for a lot less money, and now, it’s time to help everyone that works!

Starting today, we are now offering advertising as low as $25 (twenty-five dollars) a month. This is great for all types of people and businesses. If you’re a salesperson at Thompson Toyota and you want to reach more people, this is perfect. If you’re selling Avon, Scentsy, or have an Etsy website, this will help you grow your business. If you’re a small business like J-Bug’s Daycare, this will help you get more children to care for. The $25 (twenty-five dollars) a month ad is 125 x125 and is located throughout the website on the lower right side. We are committed to helping local businesses in Harford County grow, and this is just another way to help everyone that works.

We get over 300,000 visitors a month to our website, and we want them to hear about your business. And our ads run daily, not once a week, once a month or once a quarter like most publications. So don’t hesitate, take advantage of this opportunity now before the owner of Harford County Living comes to his senses.

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