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New Brand Captures the Organization’s Essence and Promise: “Everything for Recovery because Recovery Is Everything”


Father Martin’s Ashley, a nationally recognized non-profit leader in addiction treatment, today announced the culmination of an 18-month-long process to convey its brand in a modern, relevant way to reach more people and save more lives. A new name – Ashley Addiction Treatment (Ashley) – and logo are outward representations of Ashley’s long-standing position as a treatment innovator that has continually evolved in its dedication to helping patients reach recovery above all else. Other ways the brand will come to life include signage, website, social media platforms and collateral materials.


“More than 30 years ago, Ashley was built on the founding principle of treating patients with dignity, respect and love. As addiction has transformed into an even more complex, formidable disease, Ashley built on that legacy by innovating and evolving to meet growing challenges,” said Fr. Mark Hushen, O.S.F.S., Ashley president and CEO. “Today at Ashley, we offer more individualized, innovative and integrated care than ever before. Our new name and logo communicate clearly our expertise and commitment to save lives, now and into the future.”


According to Hushen, the updated brand is modern and relevant. It conveys Ashley’s progressive approach in the rapidly evolving field of addiction treatment while remaining true to the organization’s founding mission – to help those addicted to alcohol and other drugs discover a pathway to hope and healing.


“As the problem of addiction grows and evolves, standing still is not an option. New advances in addiction research bring new reasons for hope. Today we stand at the forefront as an innovator equipped and mobilized to fulfill that promise for the 21st century patient,” said Bernadette Solounias, M.D., vice president of treatment services at Ashley. “We believe recovery is everything, so we must ensure people who need our integrated, evidence-based treatment model view us as one of the best options available for them now. Audience research shows that our new name communicates that more clearly.”


The mission, “Our sole purpose is to heal”, remains the foundation of Ashley. The updated logo is a refreshed leaf wreath that symbolizes a never-ending cycle of renewal and represents Ashley’s unfailing commitment to recovery: Everything for recovery because recovery is everything. The new brand color is a vibrant green that conveys the hope inherent in the recovery journey.


In speaking about the new name, Hushen said, “Many people, including our co-founders Father Martin and Mae Abraham, have called our organization ‘Ashley’ for years. Our new brand identity brings the essence of who we are into today’s world and makes clear what we offer: an individualized, recovery-focused addiction treatment approach that addresses the whole person – mind, body and spirit.”


Recent manifestations of Ashley’s position as an innovator in holistic addiction treatment include the recently opened Skip’s Hall for Integrated Addiction Treatment and the Ashley Outpatient Treatment Program. Skip’s Hall for Integrated Addiction Treatment, located on the Ashley campus in Havre de Grace, facilitates the latest treatment modalities for 21st century patients who require a multi-disciplinary approach. The Ashley Outpatient Treatment Program extends Ashley into the community with compassionate, personalized and professional addiction treatment. The first outpatient location opened in Bel Air in 2015 to serve adults ages 18 and over suffering from disorders of alcohol and drug use in Harford County and the surrounding area. Ashley will continue developing more outpatient initiatives in partnership with major hospital systems as well as create specialized programs to address unique patient needs.


“Skip’s Hall and our community outpatient program are just two of the many ways we’re growing and evolving to meet the changing needs of today’s patients. We look forward to announcing more exciting projects and programs in the coming months that will bring the brand to life,” said Hushen. “This is a pivotal moment in time for us and all those we serve. The world of addiction has changed and so have we. Finding high quality addiction treatment can be confusing in today’s fragmented marketplace. Our modern brand identity will help us reach more people who need our services than ever before.”




Ashley Addiction Treatment (Ashley) is a nationally recognized leader in the integrated, evidence-based treatment of substance-use disorders. Ashley’s expert staff implements a comprehensive program for patients that integrates a full spectrum of medical, clinical and holistic treatment methods. Ashley’s driving principle – “everything for recovery because recovery is everything” – reinforces its timeless mission to heal each individual with respect and dignity, and reflects its ongoing commitment to meet new challenges. Accredited by The Joint Commission and a division of Ashley Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Ashley has treated nearly 40,000 patients since its inception in 1983. Ashley’s expansive offerings include inpatient as well as outpatient treatment, sobriety enrichment, community outreach, family and children’s education and specialty programs. For more information, please visit www.ashleytreatment.org.

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