How well do you know your Harford County History?


Punt gun

Waterfowl hunting has been going on for centuries. The Hunters that go out and spend hours sitting in their blinds and/or boats have all types of gear invested. But did you know that at one time, people were using shotguns that could take down several waterfowl in one shot? Actually, with one shot, someone shot 79 Canvasback Ducks on the Susquehanna Flats. These giant shotguns were known as “Punt Guns” and outlawed in 1918. However, you can actually go to the Havre de Grace Decoy Museum and see some on display. Rumor has it that they may have one at the Decoy Festival in Havre de Grace during the first weekend in May.

Snowden Slights with big gun YORYM-S364

We decided to share a video as well as a couple of books that you may purchase to learn more about the punt gun and waterfowl of Harford County.


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