National Public Health Week

Harford County Health Department
Harford County Health Department




Each year, during the first full week of April, the American Public Health Association joins with its professional and community partners nationwide to recognize the contributions of public health and to highlight issues that are important to improving our nation’s health. This year, National Public Health Week takes place Monday, April 4th through April 10th, and will focus on the “Goal of making the U.S. the Healthiest Nation in One Generation, by 2030.

Although the health status in Harford remains stable and continues to be among the best in the state, Harford County Health Officer Susan Kelly stresses the importance of community partnership. “Public health departments play a key role in the lives and well-being of people and communities they serve and provide a wide range of services that promote healthy behaviors, prevent diseases and injuries, ensure safe food, water and cleaner air, adapt to the health effects of climate change, and prepare for and respond to public health emergencies. However, public health professionals, healthcare providers and the public must work collaboratively to achieve the goal of becoming the healthiest nation on earth.”

Throughout National Public Health Week, the public is encouraged to watch for news on the Health Department’s website and social media pages. In addition, throughout the month of April, the Health Department’s Public Health Matters video segment on the topic of rabies will air on Harford Cable Network on Mondays at 10:30AM and Tuesdays at 7:30PM.

During National Public Health Week, the Harford County Health Department also will be offering its employees opportunities to participate in seminars and activities on a variety health related topics, including quality improvement, domestic violence, suicide risk intervention, personal and community health promotion. Employees will also take part in activities that promote increased physical activity and exercise.

To sign the pledge to help make America the Healthiest Nation in One Generation, visit the website, more information about National Public Health Week, visit or visit the Harford County Health Department website at

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