Thank You Senior Deputies Dailey and Logsdon

Phot from the Harford County Sheriff's Office Facebook Page
Photo from the Harford County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page


I have tried to write this several times since that dreadful day on February 10, 2016, but I find it a little easier to write today after the wonderful service for Senior Deputy Pat Dailey. To myself, and many of us from the Joppatowne Community, Pat was more than just a Deputy and a Firefighter. He was a true friend, classmate and to some of us, a brother (Marine Corps brotherhood). To see all the support for the Dailey Family, and all the Deputies, Firefighters and friends, is truly overwhelming.

It was great to see everyone pull together and support the Dailey and Logsdon Families, and the Harford County Sheriff’s Office as well as the Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company. I was also amazed to get messages through the Harford County Living Facebook Page, emails, and phone calls from people offering their condolences not just from Harford County, but from places throughout the United States and even the World.

I know there are a lot of people putting things together to raise money for the families of Senior Deputies Dailey and Logsdon, and I think people are getting confused from all of the different events and fundraisers coming up. Remember that the Harford County Sheriff’s Union has the Benevolent Fund and you can go right to their website to donate at If I’m not mistaken, a majority of the events coming up were going to be donating the money to the fund.

In closing, I would just like to say Thank You to all of our Deputies, Police Officers, Firefighters, and other first responders. The men and women that serve to protect us, do not hear that enough, and I encourage everyone to thank them whenever you see them. To the families of Senior Deputies Logsdon and Dailey, I also want to say thank you and may God bless all of you. You have strong supporters here in Harford County, and I believe I speak for a majority of us when I say, “We’re here for you.” And to my dear friend Pat Dailey, I say, “Semper Fi Brother, Watch over Us”

Rich Bennett



  1. Well said Rich! RIP to both these heroes. God Bless their families and the men and women in blue who watch over us. Also God Bless the Joppa/Magnolia Volunteer Fire Department for all they do. It is a somber day in Harford County today for sure.


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