New Kiddie Academy® of Abingdon Opens with State-of-the-Art Amenities, Tech



National child care learning company opens corporate flagship location in Harford County,

Sets the bar for quality child care


Kiddie Academy®, a nationally recognized provider of comprehensive education-based child care programs, just opened its corporate flagship location in Abingdon, setting an impressive precedent for quality child care.


The new, state‐of‐the‐art academy in Abingdon serves as a benchmark and model for all Kiddie Academy locations across the country and marks an important milestone in supporting families within the Abingdon and Bel Air communities.


Kiddie Academy President, Greg Helwig says the new flagship corporate Academy will be responsible for piloting new programs and initiatives that will keep the Kiddie Academy network ahead of developing trends in early education including technology, security, clean energy, programming and administration.


“Over the past three decades, Kiddie Academy has built a reputation as a leading provider of education-based child care programs, and as a trailblazer in the industry, we have a responsibility to continuously guide and influence the national standard for superior, quality educational child care,” said Helwig. “Our new prototype corporate location showcases not only the Academy of the future, it is the yardstick with which quality child care nationwide will be measured upon.”


Offering State-of-the-Art Tech, Amenities


The 9,700 square-foot Academy has a capacity to serve 149 children between 6 weeks and 12 years old. As Kiddie Academy’s corporate flagship location, the Kiddie Academy of Abingdon is filled with state-of-the-art technology and resources, including early learning preschool technology complete with interactive whiteboards, tablets, computers and multi-touch collaborative play tables that record audio of peer conversations so teachers can review, assess and report on social-emotional development of students.


The Academy’s playground is separated into age-appropriate play areas for toddlers/infants, preschoolers, and school-age children. It is equipped with an outdoor classroom and learning areas including a garden for growing fruits and vegetables, a full bike track, a climbing wall, a playhouse and several interactive musical instruments. In addition, there is a professionally turfed soccer field for all ages.


Promoting a Positive Environmental Impact


The building itself will be LEED certified, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, which will recognize it as utilizing best-in-class green building practices. This includes the installation of solar panels on the Academy’s roof. Because of this certification, Kiddie Academy of Abingdon will save on resources and have a positive impact on the health of families and staff all while promoting renewable, clean energy.


The children attending the Kiddie Academy of Abingdon will study, through the school’s STEM curriculum, what is involved when sunlight strikes the rooftop solar cells, causing chemical reactions to release electrons, thereby generating electric current for the building’s use. Many learning opportunities will be similarly created in each class and for all age groups.


Offering the Best Care, Teachers and Leadership


The Kiddie Academy of Abingdon is well supported by the corporate education department under the direction of the Vice President of Education, Richard Peterson. Peterson has spent several decades leading multi-site operations management in educational settings.


In partnership with Peterson, Debbie Romish is at the helm of the Academy as Director, with almost 20 years of child care leadership experience. Her wealth of knowledge regarding daily operations, early education practices and maintaining licensing regulations for the Academy will bring the highest quality child care to local families and assist in the school’s goal for national accreditation.


The two plan to emphasize continuous, open communication between teachers and parents concerning each child’s development at the Academy. Utilizing the proprietary Kiddie Academy Life Essentials® curriculum, every minute of every day will promote each child’s intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth.


“Our Kiddie Academy philosophy is that care and learning go hand in hand,” Peterson said. “We also believe that it’s extremely important to foster bonds between not only our educators and children, but between educators and parents, academies and the local community.”


Helwig noted, “with 20 new Kiddie Academy locations opening in 2015 and another 30 locations expected to open in 2016, we have more opportunity than ever to use the size and scope of our network to adopt models and programming from the prototype and influence higher standards for child care across the U.S.”
Kiddie Academy of Abingdon is located around the corner from the Kiddie Academy headquarters, which has been a staple in Maryland for 35 years. The new Kiddie Academy of Abingdon is located at 3495 Box Hill Corporate Ctr. Drive in Abingdon, Maryland. For more information, please contact Richard Peterson or Debbie Romish at (410) 569-1787 or email the Academy at

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