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The Epicenter at Edgewood



As you know, one of our goals is to help local businesses in Harford County grow, which is why we constantly remind people and businesses to Support Local. Each week we feature a Business of the Week for you, so please visit these businesses and share their information. Your business may be Harford County Living’s Business of the Week in the future.

This week we are proud to feature The Epicenter at Edgewood. Here’s some information about The Epicenter at Edgewood taken from their website at http://epicenteratedgewood.com/

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About The Epicenter at Edgewood:

The EPICENTER is a new community center open in Edgewood! It’s designed to be a hub of activity for kids and adults, the CENTER of celebration, fun, healing and hope.

Located at 1918 Pulaski Hwy, The EPICENTER at Edgewood is:

IN Edgewood. And proud to be there.
FOR Edgewood. Offered as an amenity for the community.
BY Edgewood. Whatever good happens here is initiated and furthered by the people of Edgewood.

So What Is This Place?

It’s often that people will walk into The EPICENTER and wonder, “So what is this place? Is it a church or a community center?” And sometimes the quickest way to answer is to say, “Well… yes.” Really, it’s both.  The facility itself is a community center that is open throughout the week for various different programs. But it also serves as the host for the Edgewood Campus of Mountain Christian Church for Sunday morning worship services and other group meetings and events for children, students, and adults.

Is the EPICENTER part of Mountain Christian Church?

The EPICENTER and Mountain Christian Church are two separate entities that partner together for the good of a community that we all care about.  It is fair to say that Mountain “gave birth to” the EPICENTER.  The church rallied its own members as well as other local supporters to fund the renovation of the facility and programming to launch the EPICENTER in October 2013.  Mountain provides ongoing support to the EPICENTER through both people and financial resources, encouraging its members to engage with the EPICENTER programming in any ways that they can.

The EPICENTER supports the life of the Mountain church community by hosting church events and serving as a “home base” for Mountain’s Edgewood Campus.  Both Mountain and EPICENTER staff regularly occupy the building.

Why the Two Separate Entities?  Isn’t that just confusing?

Well, yes, it does have the potential to confuse.  But when Mountain wanted to invest in the Edgewood community by opening the EPICENTER, the church wanted to create opportunities for people beyond just Mountain to buy-in to what was happening through this effort.  The goal was to create a place for people of all different churches to find a place to belong and serve and give back.  The church also wanted to leverage opportunities for grants and other types of support that are often available to community centers but not available to churches.

Why are we doing what we are in Edgewood?

Because we love Edgewood. It’s as simple as that.

Why Edgewood?

We are unsettled by the stigma associated with Edgewood. We believe the negativity is often undeserved and over-played, rooted in fear and ignorance. Nevertheless, we are not blind to the challenges evident in Edgewood, and we want to make an investment in a place we care about.

Who should I contact if I have questions about events happening at the EPICENTER?

You can always call The EPICENTER at 443-981-3742 or browse this site for more information about what’s happening at The EPICENTER.  If you know that the event you have questions about is a Mountain Christian Church event, it’s best to contact the Mountain staff member who is leading the event.  The phone number for Mountain is 410-877-1824 or you can visit their website.

Do I have to be a member of Mountain to volunteer or participate in programs at The EPICENTER?

No.  People from all different churches and backgrounds are invited to participate in EPICENTER programs and volunteer to further the mission of Empowering People, Strengthening Families, and Building Community.

How do I volunteer at The EPICENTER?

Fill out a volunteer application at The EPICENTER or online.

How do I make a contribution to The EPICENTER?

If you’d like to support the mission of The EPICENTER programs, donations can be made in-person or online on our Donate page.  To make contributions through a workplace campaign, you can use the United Way designation code:  13182951.

What are we doing?

Go to our Programs page to see the kinds of things that will happen at the EPICENTER, including programming in 4 core areas:

Children & Youth (after school program, summer camp, sports clinics)

Recovery (AA, NA, Al Anon)

Health and Wellness (Fitness classes, Health Fairs)

Life Skills (Resume Writing, Employment assistance)

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