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As you know, one of our goals is to help local businesses in Harford County grow. Each week we will feature a Business of the Week on our website, so please visit these businesses and share their information.

This week we are proud to feature JoRetro Vintage Market. Here’s some information about JoRetro Vintage Market taken from their website at http://joretro.com/

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About JoRetro Vintage Market:

My sister and I grew up in a family of collectors.
Our dad, Joe collected just about anything he could get for free……he loved a bargain! This would account for the hundreds of beer glasses and bottle openers he had. One of his favorite activities was his weekly trip to the dump. He also volunteered to count the money after church each Sunday just so he could look for coins for his collection……..every hobby he had centered on finding hidden treasures. The truth is collecting could be genetic.
Sharing a room with my sister was tough. She always displayed everything she found. I on the other hand had an uncontrollable desire to organize all the stuff that was around our house.

So what happens to kids like that when they grow up? Irene worked in merchandising at Disney for years, all the while collecting Disney and cast member items. She’s passionate about finding a bargain, just like Dad was.
I’m an Interior Designer and have a passion for all things vintage, especially funky retro designs. I love taking old worn-out items and recycling them into new one-of-a-kind fashion and home accessories. We have combined our talents and collections into our business, JoRetro…..dedicated to our Dad, Joe.
We have a family full of eccentric collectors, please stop by often to hear their stories and shop for special treasures. Oh…..and don’t worry we’re still out shopping for great new stuff……….collectors never retire……………Jolene

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