Glassman Administration Presents “You CLICK We FIX” Online Tool to Request Harford County Government Services


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To keep Harford County safe, well maintained and looking its best, County Executive Barry Glassman’s administration has made a new online tool available for citizens to request non-emergency county services. “You CLICK We FIX” is the fastest, easiest way yet for citizens to report potholes, trash dumping, overgrown vegetation and other quality of life concerns, and for county government to report back when problems are fixed.  Available on the county website and via a free mobile app, citizens can also monitor the status of issues reported by others, from first notification through final resolution.


“You CLICK We FIX keeps us accountable at the same time it empowers our citizens to help improve their neighborhoods and communities,” said County Executive Glassman. “The technology also enables my administration to provide better customer service with greater efficiency and transparency.”


To report an issue from the website, users can provide information about a problem by answering a few simple questions.  Smartphone users can report issues on the spot by snapping a photo, with the option of allowing GPS to identify their location.


All users can choose from a list of commonly reported issues, or write their own message to a Citizens Affairs specialist. Reports are then followed by an immediate acknowledgement, and requests for service are routed to the proper department within county government. When work is completed, or an issue is otherwise resolved, the user will be directly notified.


Although users can choose to keep their reports private, all reported issues are by default made public on the county’s You CLICK We FIX Web page, with a map showing the location and type of issue reported. Color-coded icons indicate that the issue is acknowledged, in progress, or resolved.  Citizens affected by an issue that has already been reported can add their voice to the report by clicking the button marked “Fix it”, similar to the “Like” button on Facebook.


You CLICK We FIX is available through the Harford County government website from the Web page The free mobile app is supported on Android and IOS devices and can be downloaded from the Web page or by searching “You CLICK We FIX” in your app store.   For more information, or to report issues and request county services by phone or email, please contact the Harford County Office of Citizens Affairs at 410-340-3420 or [email protected].


You CLICK We FIX is Harford County’s adaptation of a service from SeeClickFix, a nationwide communications platform provider allowing citizens in hundreds of communities to report non-emergency issues, and governments to track, manage, and reply.  By replacing an older service from another vendor, Harford County’s contract with SeeClickFix will save approximately $2,400 annually.


You CLICK We FIX is the latest in a series of online tools made available by the Glassman administration. For more options, visit the Maps & Apps and Get Connected tabs on the homepage of the county website

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