Rudy Corpuz: It Takes a Hood to Save the Hood


Rudy Corpuz, an anti-violence activist was born and raised in San Francisco in the 1970s and 80s in a neighborhood where drugs and gangs were the norm. He had a rough start, never graduated from high school, didn’t start reading until he was in the eighth grade, dealt and did drugs, and was a gang leader. He then had a magical turning point, a “a dramatic change of heart” that catapulted him into transformation, leading him to start United Playaz, an organization that is trying to make the SoMa neighborhood in San Francisco a safer place by working with youth on violence prevention and leadership through street outreach, case management, in-school service, recreational activities, and support to incarcerated youth. Read this article to learn more about Corpuz’s journey from a gang member to a peace activist.

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