25 Cents to Change the World?


25 Cents to Change the World? (380)

(NewsUSA) – Warren Buffett will just have to find something else to do with his money.

Same for Bill Gates…

And Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg…

And all the other wealthy, bold-faced names who use their gazillions to influence issues near and dear to their hearts and/or business interests.

That’s because there’s now a social fundraising mobile app specifically dedicated to making it easy for “ordinary people” to donate 25 cents online — that’s right, a single quarter — to a cause of their choosing.

It’s called A Quarter Back to Society (Quarter-back.org). And co-founders Dan Tseytlonok and Eugeny Prudchyenko are very upfront about why they feel it’s an idea whose time has come.

“Rich people mainly use charities for self-promotion,” says Tseytlonok. “But what about ordinary people who want to make a difference? They can’t afford to give a lot, so we decided to come up with a micro-donation platform for them.”

The cause closest to the two men’s hearts is understandably the chaos unleashed by Russia’s April 2014 invasion of eastern Ukraine. They ran a successful Uber-like ride-booking service in the Donetsk region before moving to California — Prudchyenko’s former house remains riddled with bullets — and so one choice offered potential donors is to contribute to a re-homing center now operating in Donetsk for pets abandoned by their fleeing owners.

“There was no conflict between people living there until (Russian President Vladimir) Putin made his power grab,” says Tseytlonok. “Now nearly 8,000 have died.”

Other suggested causes your quarter could help fund here in America include:

* Medicine for seniors who can’t afford to fill their drug prescriptions.

* Socks for San Francisco’s large homeless population.

* Body cameras for police officers as a defense against false charges.

Know that this is the same team behind the EvoShare social platform — its app is likewise available for Apple and Android phones — that’s designed to give both consumers and charities a percentage back on shopping purchases in participating stores.

As for A Quarter Back to Society, you can donate 25 cents to as many causes as you like through Paypal or credit card. And, of course, you’re also encouraged to create one or more of your own for others to also get behind.

Think of it, as Prudchyenko says, as “micro donations with macro impact.”

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