Department of Community Services Consolidation Generates Cost Savings, Enhances Service and Efficiency


Barry Glassman Harford County Seal


BEL AIR, Md., (Aug. 31, 2015) – Office locations for the Harford County Department of Community Services have been consolidated by the Glassman administration to bring nearly all departmental divisions under one roof in Bel Air.  The move will enhance service and efficiency, and save more than $105,000 per year.


The consolidation completed earlier this month reduced the department’s three office locations down to two, allowing the county to end lease and utility payments at 319 S. Main St. in Bel Air for a total annual savings of $105,049.  Staff formerly located at 319 S. Main, including the Office of Drug Control Policy,  have joined nearly all of the other Department of Community Services divisions located uptown at 125 N. Main St. The department’s remaining division, the Office on Aging, is within walking distance at 145 N. Hickory Avenue.


“We’re following through on a recommendation by my transition team to save money and improve efficiencies by reducing lease payments and placing departmental staff together whenever possible,” said County Executive Barry Glassman. “In the case of community services, we were also able to provide greater convenience for citizens accessing multiple programs.”

The Department of Community Services works daily to meet the needs of Harford County seniors, youth, persons with disabilities, and those struggling to overcome addiction.

“The space at 125 N. Main allows for private meetings with families or other members of the public, and we are also fortunate to share the building with Core Service Agency, the county’s lead agency on mental health,” said Community Services Director Amber Shrodes.  “Overall, this consolidation will allow us to streamline communications, improve our productivity, and enhance services for our citizens.”

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