2015-16 Harford County Public Schools Bus Schedules and Routes Available on HCPS.org



First day of school for grades K-12 is Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Harford County Public Schools (HCPS) Department of Transportation today released a new process for the school community to access bus schedules and routes for the 2015-16 school year, now available online via the web-based portal infofinder i.

This summer, HCPS implemented an automated bus routing and information management software system based on recommendations from a recent audit of its Transportation Department. This evaluation focused on identifying opportunities for improved efficiencies in the delivery of student transportation services. As part of the new software, the infofinder i feature provides parents/guardians electronic access to the transportation information for their student(s).

Through the infofinder i portal, parents/guardians will be able to:

 Locate which school their student will attend;
 Find their student’s bus number and designated stop;
 Access approximate pick-up and drop-off times; and
 Visualize the route their student’s bus will take to and from school.

Beginning Thursday, August 6, 2015, parents/guardians should follow these steps to obtain their student’s transportation information:

1. Using an internet browser, go to HCPS’s website, www.hcps.org.
2. On the left-hand side of the homepage, click on the school/bus icon called “School & Bus Locator.”
3. Users will be directed to the infofinder i portal.
4. Review the instructions and steps for navigating the portal in the “Bulletins & Notices” tab.
4. Enter the student’s full home street address.
5. View the student’s school and bus details.

Parents/guardians are urged to access infofinder i to review and verify bus information for their student(s) as many stops, routes and bus numbers have changed during the summer with the implementation of the new routing software.

If transportation information does not display for a student, parents/guardians should call the Transportation Department at 410-638-4092. If a student resides in a non-service area, infofinder i will indicate that information.

Since routes are based on estimated fall enrollments, school officials remind parents and students to expect minor adjustments in bus loads and schedules during the first weeks of school in order to alleviate any overcrowded buses.

A depot bus stop system for school bus transportation is in place for all students attending HCPS magnet programs. Students attending the Science and Mathematics Academy at Aberdeen High School, the Global Studies Program/International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Edgewood High School and the Natural Resources and Agricultural Science Magnet Program at North Harford High School will be contacted by postcard with their bus information.

Students attending the Alternative Education Program and Harford Technical High School will utilize the consolidated bus stop system and will also be notified of their approximate pick-up time and location by postcard.
John Archer School and elementary Pre-K (for mid-day service) students will be contacted directly via phone regarding their school transportation information, as will all other students riding a special needs bus, both in-county and out-of-county.

Students should plan to be at the bus stop at least five minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. Students attending the Alternative Education Program and those attending magnet programs (Science and Mathematics Academy at Aberdeen High School, Global Studies Program/International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Edgewood High School, Natural Resources and Agricultural Science Magnet Program at North Harford High School) should plan to be at their bus depot at least ten minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. The student’s designated depot stop is their home high school in their attendance area or an alternate authorized high school depot stop. Students who plan to use bus transportation are encouraged to ride the bus beginning the first day of school to facilitate the establishment of the time schedule and the busload.

The p.m. return time to home for each bus may be later at the beginning of the school year to accommodate students adjusting to new school settings. Once the schedule has been established, there will be a normal drop-off time for each student.

Parents/guardians may review and/or reference transportation rules and policies in the 2015-16 Parent-Student Handbook Calendar.

Questions or concerns related to specific bus stops or route schedules should be directed to the HCPS Transportation Department at 410-638-4092.

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