(BEL AIR – June 1, 2015) In an effort to make fireworks viewing locations more accessible, improve the spectator experience and reduce disruption to local neighborhoods and businesses, the Bel Air Independence Day Committee today announced that it is reversing the direction of the 2015 Bel Air July 4 parade.


The 2015 parade will proceed along the exact same route as in the past several years, but will now start where it previously ended, and end where it previously started. It will begin at the intersection of South Main Street and Idlewild Street, and end at the intersection of North Main Street and East Gordon Street, near the Harford County Historical Society.


In addition, the parade reviewing stand will now be located at the Harford County Government Administrative Offices, near the route’s midpoint.


Spectator viewing areas will remain exactly the same, running along both sides of South and North Main Street.


Benefits to parade spectators include not having to look directly into the sun from the northeast side of the street, and a better flow to the parade due to the width of the early blocks of South Main Street. Those attending the subsequent fireworks display over Rockfield Park will also be able to more easily reach that area from the new location of the reviewing stand.


Since 1992, when I took over the leadership of the parade, we’ve had six or seven different parade routes and staging areas, changing plans as dictated by public safety needs, road construction events, and our desire to take advantage of the attractiveness of the Town,” says Parade Chairman Michael Blum.


The ending point for decades was at South Main and Idlewild, but that tradition was based on the parade being followed by fireworks over the Bel Air High School/Middle School complex,” Blum continues. “Now that the fireworks have been for years fired off over Rockfield Park, we took a look at how we could stage the parade and give the community the best view of it, and this is our conclusion.”


Applications to join the 2015 Bel Air July 4 parade are still being accepted; complete instructions and application forms are available at

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