Glassman Administration Offering Free Public Access to Harford County Geographic Information System Databases


Barry Glassman Harford County Seal


BEL AIR, Md., (June 22, 2015) – Geographic Information Systems connect data with geography, opening up a new world of understanding about the places we live, work and play. Commonly known as GIS, this computer-based tool has long been used by officials inside Harford County government.  County Executive Barry Glassman’s administration is now making Harford County’s GIS databases available to the public, online and free of charge.


“Offering free public access to GIS data for Harford County is the newest example of how we are using technology to increase transparency and community engagement, and to create a more business-friendly environment,” said County Executive Glassman. “I would like to thank my director of planning and zoning, Bradley Killian, and his staff for finally bringing Harford County’s 25 year collection of GIS databases to our citizens.”


Users will find a wealth of information to guide research, analysis and decision-making, or simply to satisfy their curiosity about subjects ranging from Harford County permit activity, agricultural and historic preservation areas, parks, schools and more.  Available data can be displayed and downloaded in a variety of formats such as maps, tables or graphs, all with the click of a mouse.


Utilizing the latest technology from Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), Harford County is able to publish GIS data in easily discoverable and accessible formats.  Users can also subscribe to receive notification of updates and comments for any dataset, to keep them current with new releases or relevant supporting information.


“Harford County government has long realized the value of sharing its data with other government agencies,” said Bradley Killian, director of planning and zoning. “Providing public access to our vast data resources will further effective decision-making with partner organizations. It will also promote business development, research opportunities for students and educators, and a well-informed, engaged community. Online access will also reduce expenses related to data requests, reporting and printing.”


Harford County Open GIS can be accessed at

or from the Department of Planning and Zoning “Maps & Apps” archive at

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