Harford County Government Launches Snow Plow Tracking Service

“Working Till the Plows Come Home!”


BEL AIR, Md., (Jan. 22, 2015) ‐ When snow and ice hit Harford County, Harford County plows hit back, clearing county roads to help our citizens get rolling. Now, the public can track plows in major storms with a new snow plow tracking service developed by Harford County government.


“As my incoming administration asks how we can help our customers, the citizens of Harford County, I am pleased to offer this service for folks to see where our county plows are hard at work. I also want to thank our dedicated employees who advanced my initiative improving service to the public through technology,” Mr. Glassman said.


Activated only during major weather events, the Harford County Snow Plow Tracker works on a computer, smartphone, or tablet device, showing where on the county map the plows have been, and more importantly, where they are now. The color‐coded map updates information every 15 minutes.


The Harford County Snow Plow Tracker was developed in‐house based on GPS technology used to track county trucks. The county service does not track plows on state or municipal roadways.


To access the service, go to the Harford County government website www.harfordcountymd.gov and find the blue and green snow plow icon with the motto “Working Till the Plows Come Home!” Falling snow will appear in the icon when the service is activated for a major weather event.


Click the icon anytime to access the service map and a tutorial video, or go directly to the Web page http://apps.harfordcountymd.gov/SnowPlowTracker and be prepared for the next big storm, courtesy of Harford County government.


Stay safe in winter weather. Access more information about snow removal and snow events on the county Web page:  http://www.harfordcountymd.gov/alerts/SnowRemoval.cfm


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