Harford County Commission on Disabilities Issues Holiday Reminder on Shopping and Accessible Parking

Accessible Parking
Accessible Parking


BEL AIR, Md., (Dec. 5, 2014) – Retailers expect a strong holiday shopping season this year.  As the malls and stores become packed with shoppers, so will our area parking lots.  As we rush and make a mad dash into stores, we must remain aware of where we park.  “Handicapped” (accessible) parking spaces are reserved for qualified individuals with special needs.  They are reserved for motorists and/or their passengers with disabilities who require those spaces and would not, in many cases, be able to shop otherwise.


The Harford County Commission on Disabilities and the Harford County Sheriff’s Office reminds everyone that people with disabilities face challenges every day, not the least of which is finding adequate parking when they need it.  For those with disabilities, the use of “handicapped” parking spaces, correctly known as accessible parking spaces, is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.  Yet every day, motorists with disabilities can’t find parking spaces when they need them because their non-disabled counterparts use these spaces as a means of convenience.


During the holiday shopping season, deputies with the Harford County Sheriff’s Office will be checking to make sure that vehicles parked in accessible parking spaces have the parking placard or designated license plate displayed.  Failure to do so may result in a fine.  It is important to note, in addition to the placard or license plate, drivers are also required to produce their Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) – issued identification.


The Commission encourages all motorists with disabilities to learn more about parking accommodations for persons with disabilities, the use of special parking placards and registration plates, etc. Accessible parking is critical to many motorists with disabilities. Everyone needs to know all the rules and conditions that apply.  For more information visit the MVA’s “Everything You Need to Know” for Maryland motorists with Disabilities.


The following is the link for “Everything You Need to Know”.



For more information and local resources about disability, visit the Harford County Commission on Disabilities’ Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HarfordCountyCommissiononDisabilities

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