Thank You Google: How a Glee Club in Maine Fixed My Burnout


Via Huffington Post

Angel excited to cut after her last interview.

Have you ever gotten an email that made you smile? Made you realize that all your work might actually be worth it? I really hope you have. It’s like a little spark that can reignite your world-changing fire.

Late last year I was at the very end of a two-year film shoot. My crew and I were in Uganda where we had just filmed the return of our main subjects — the Grammy-nominated African Children’s Choir — returning home after an 18-month world tour. We were sick and tired and driven to finish well. We were fortunate this specific night to have power so I opened my laptop to check email. And there it was. The email that gave me hope.

A father of elementary school students in Portland, Maine was helping organize the third annual Portland Children’s Film Festival and wanted to screen Imba Means Sing. I couldn’t believe it. We had not even finished shooting, barely had 1,000 Facebook fans and still had an enormous amount of money to raise and time to commit to editing this documentary feature. I, an idealistic and over-eager producer, immediately wrote back that we were in. Our film would not yet be ready and I didn’t have a budget to come, but we had to be involved somehow. Oh, and P.S., how did you find us?

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