Soldier Rescues Woman Before Being Honored As A Hero


Via KCCI 8 News


DES MOINES, Iowa —A woman struggled to breathe after being pinned underneath her SUV last weekend before a man down the street came to her rescue.

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Courtney Pearson was under her Chevy Blazer that was leaking brake fluid when it fell.


“I had my kids out playing and as soon as the car fell they heard me scream. I said, ‘Go find a neighbor, go find a neighbor — somebody, anybody,” said Pearson.


Her 11-year-old found someone home three doors down and told the man inside that his mom needed help. James Yates went outside and could hear the screaming.


The SUV had pinned Pearson to the ground, unable to move out from under it. She could breathe, but it was difficult.


Yates set the jack under the SUV and started cranking it back up.


“Well, he had gotten it up, and before I had a chance to move — boom — it fell again,” said Pearson.


“She started yelling and I was like, “I’m so sorry!!” said Yates.


He started cranking the jack again and she was eventually able to wriggle out. She only had deep bruising to her back and chest.


Before she could thank Yates, or even get his name, he was gone.

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