New Lions Club launched for visually impaired

Shown are Verizon Manager Kendall Morris, Rachel Taylor, Wanda Sasser-Scroggins, Andalusia Lions Club President Carroll Mullis and Dirk Price.

A new kind of civic club has sprung up in Andalusia, and the unique group is the result of the vision of several local residents, none of whom can actually see.

“We’re starting something innovative,” organizer Wanda Sasser-Scroggins said Wednesday at the regular meeting of the Andalusia Lions Club. “We’re staring a Lions Club for the visually impaired.”

Sasser-Scroggins, who is also involved with the Covington County Blind and Low Vision Outreach Group, as well as with the annual Extreme Experience Retreat at Blue Lake, said starting a Lions Club chapter for visually impaired people just made sense, considering the club’s worldwide commitment to helping people with little or no eyesight.

“This is going to be helpful to you too,” she told Andalusia Lions Club members. “This is a club that can give feedback about what people with sight problems require.”

So, how will a group of people with little to no vision manage to meet on a regular basis?

Sasser-Scroggins said the new club, dubbed the Andalusia VIP (visually impaired persons) Lions Club, will meet each Thursday at 6 p.m. in cyberspace.

“It’s a cyber club that uses a chat room and a phone line,” she said. “Which makes it neat, because people call in from everywhere, not just right here in Andalusia.”

Dirk Price, who is also assisting in organizing the club, said the group already has 17 of the 20 members needed to charter a new Lions Club, and is being supported and sponsored by Andalusia’s existing club.

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