Luckiest Man On The Planet Wins Lottery 3 Times In 3 Weeks


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Christopher Kaelin holds his $250,000 winning Crossword instant ticket. (Illinois Lottery)
Christopher Kaelin holds his $250,000 winning Crossword instant ticket. (Illinois Lottery)


Some people really do have all the luck.

One such Chicago man beat the odds at winning the lottery not once or even twice, but three times — and all in less than a month.

Christopher Kaelin, a 31-year-old “occasional lottery player,” won a total of $276,000 from the same lotto game over a three-week span, according to the Illinois Lottery.

“At first we were just ‘oh my God.’ It was a feel-good moment, we just couldn’t believe it,” Kaelin told HuffPost describing the reaction to his lotto score earlier in April when he instantly won $25,000 on a scratch-off ticket.

“My fiancé and I were so thrilled that I won $25,000, we went out for dinner to celebrate. When we stopped at a gas station afterward, I decided to buy another crossword instant ticket and won $1,000,” Kaelin previously told the Illinois Lottery.

Kaelin returned a week later to the same newsstand in downtown Chicago where he had purchased the first winning ticket, bought another, and went back to his office. That ticket revealed another $25,000 win.

On his way to claim his prize, however, Kaelin realized he read his latest winning ticket incorrectly.

“I was in the elevator looking at my ticket and noticed I had missed the tenth word,” Kaelin said. As it turns out, Kaelin’s price wasn’t worth $25,000 — it was worth $250,000.

“It just worked out — just a hunch,” Kaelin said of his decision to buy a third lotto ticket from the place he purchased the first winner. “The reason people obviously play the lottery is because they hope they win.”

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