How One Fearless Teen Is Starting A Bra Revolution


Via Huffington Post


Megan (right) and Mary Margaret Grassell

Shopping for your first bra can be a little awkward and uncomfortable, but wearing one shouldn’t have to be. Disappointed with the bra selections for pre-teens found in department stores, 18-year-old Megan Grassell decided it was time to change the bra status quo.

“I think I actually noticed something odd when my mom took me to buy my first bras,” said the teen in an email to The Huffington Post. “A woman handed me a bunch of fuchsia bras, and ushered me into a changing room to fend for myself. I remember being too embarrassed to walk out of the dressing room with a bra on under my clothes because I looked so different. My chest looked like I had grown-up overnight!”

According to Grassell, who lives in Jackson, Wyoming, it never occurred to her that other girls might feel the same until she watched her younger sister go through a similar experience. After wondering why there weren’t more age-appropriate options, Grassell had an idea: A bra made specifically for developing teen bodies. No padding or push-ups included.

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